Golfers Delight: Red Bull Final 5 Tournament Dates

Monday, March 27, 2006

Red Bull Final 5 Tournament Dates

As promised, here are the dates for the Red Bull Final 5 Tournaments.

In these tournaments only the score on the final five holes counts. So you better be sharp and focused when you step up to the 14th tee box. As for the next two months, I'll have the choice to play the following tournaments in and around Berlin:

14.04.2006 G&LC Semlin am See
16.04.2006 GC Stolper Heide
23.04.2006 GC Kallin
01.05.2006 GC Prenden
14.05.2006 GC Mahlow

Maybe I'll play all of them. Isn't Red Bull all about stamina???


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