Golfers Delight: Longest Drive - ever

Monday, March 06, 2006

Longest Drive - ever

Does anyone know Pawel Winogradow? I haven't so far, but he'll probably will be in the golf records book forever for the longest drive in golf. The russian cosmonaut will hit a golf ball off a platform of the ISS - yes, the International Space Station that is.

Scientists figured, that the golf ball will probably circle earth for four years before it burns in the atmosphere. Before that, the golf ball will have travelled approximately kilometers, sure a little more than the earthbound record of 0.65 kilometers. The last golf ball hit in space travelled a couple of kilometers after all.

Winogradow will have to aim exactly, so that he doesn't hit the golf ball into the same orbit as the ISS, as the golf ball would probably collide with the ISS on the next circulation. Does anybody have a birdie book for that?


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