Golfers Delight: Bandon Dunes Golf

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Bandon Dunes Golf

I just finished reading the latest edition of "golfaffairs", that is the golf supplement of Handelsblatt.

There I found this article about the Bandon Dunes Golf Resort and I was immediately fascinated just by looking at the pictures. This looks like the one true golf course of at least my dreams: a links course with a view of the pacific ocean off the oregon course, harmonic layout, perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature. Golf as it was meant to be. Not neatly manicured with dyed ponds (as fascinating as Augusta may be) but with an attitude of scottish roughness.

Looking for more pictures of this fantastic course I bumped into Jareds photographs on flickr:

Damn, I have never been to this place but it is worth dreaming about. Or just go there and play as Jared did:
I am not a writer and many amazing things have been said about the place. Once you take that first trip to Bandon all you want to do is get back there again and again.
Maybe I really should take a half year off and travel the Pacific Coast just playing golf and having a good time.


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