Golfers Delight: Club Testing in Mallorca

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Club Testing in Mallorca

February in Berlin isn't exactly the time of year to go out on the course, with the soil still frozen and everything. Luckily, I will have the chance to escape the bad weather and fly to Mallorca for four days. By invite of a large german newspaper, we will hit the Golf de Andratx course and test everything new on the club market for the newspapers golf supplement (aaah, that's what the mysterious hint was all about).

(picture courtesy of Golf de Andratx)

About that I am excited not only because of the weather reasons. I have been playing my Wilson Fat Shaft irons for over two years now and they still serve me good. But my play has developed and I am curious to see what other clubs out there might comfort me or even help me in various situations. As of yet I don't know what equipment we will be testing, but it should be the latest in irons, hybrids, wedges and woods. With me there will be eight other fellow golfers with different handicaps, I presume that I will have the red lantern with my handicap around the 30 mark.

It will also be my mallorquin golf premiere, I have visited the island before, but not to play golf. I had a chance to get a glimpse of the Golf de Andratx course two weeks ago, as the n-tv golf magazine 'Abschlag' reported from there. From what I saw it really looks interesting and promising.

The weather in Mallorca is supposed to be rainy in the next couple of days, temperatures will rise up to 15° Celsius. I don't mind the rain and already got my rain gear out. Part of it I bought two years ago, when - also in February - we traveled to Spain to play AC Nuevo Portil Golf and Castro Marim Golf Course. Rain was pouring every single day back then.

Let's hope it gets a little better this time. As far as my preparations go, I will hit the range after I finish writing this and will see my pro tonight for some lessons. Of course I want to look good! ;-)

And of course I'll try to blog from there. Hopefully they have a WLAN of some kind. So stay tuned for more this week - from Mallorca.


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