Golfers Delight: July 2005

Sunday, July 31, 2005


I played another tournament yesterday. Didn't go as well as I expected from the training this week. Somehow I gained 10m in length with my irons but coulnd't integrate that into my play. This resulted in not hitting the greens, in most cases my shots landed behind the greens. My whole game felt not calibered, what bugged me most that I wasn't able to gain points back on the Par 3's of the course. Putting didn't go well, most of the time my putts we're too short, resulting in too many three-putts.
Well, we gotta lot of work to do. But I am not too disappointed, as my iron shots we're straight and long. Something to build upon.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Scottish Golf Courses

I just discovered some beautiful golf photography over at flickr!

Check out Stephen Motte's photo set:

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Golf Twins?

I'm just watching the report on the Evian Masters on Eurosport. Can anybody tell me the difference between the figure of Laura Davies and John Daly? In my opinion Laura has the wider back!

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Monday, July 25, 2005

Golfanlage Gut Wulfsmühle

As I was cleaning up on the weekend, I found the scorecard of the first round my wife and I played after we got our Players Permit. This was almost exactly three years ag, on July 27th 2003 when we played on the Golfanlage Wulfsmühle near Hamburg.

Fun to see the scores from back then! Not that I would miss them ;-)

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Golf Resort Berlin Pankow

Berlin will get a new Golf Club with the Golf Resort Berlin Pankow. The club will officially start in 2006, but playing the course will be possible as of September this year.

We visited the construction site today, the course is located in th north of Berlin between Mahlow and Blankenburg on Blankenburger Pflasterweg 40, just a 15 minute drive from Berlin Alexanderplatz.

(view of the clubhouse from the fairway of the 9th hole)

Patronage of the course has german soccer legend Sepp Maier. The Resort will feature a 18 hole course (Par 72, 5.988 meters) and a 9 hole short course (1.744 meters).

The unofficial opening will be on September 18th, the range will be opened earlier on August 17th, as of this date the pro Rudi Hilscher will stand available for lessons.

From the first reports in the press, the club will be more 'easy-going' than regular clubs, dogs are allowed and the course and one will be able to play casually in jeans.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Lincoln Financial Battle

This definitely should be fun to watch. Unfortunately it's not broadcasted over here. I gotta find somebody to tape it over in the states!

Washed away!

The Deutsche Bank Players Championship are under way since yesterday on Gut Kaden in Alvesloe near Hamburg.

The immense rain (50l per square meter) led to the postponement of the first round. A reasonable decision when you look at the course condition yesterday (image borrowed from Fairway Marketing GmbH):

So, the first round will be played today and only 50 players will make the cut. Rounds 3 and 4 will both be played on sunday.

You can follow the scoring here, unfortunately, the scoreboard doesn't denote which hole the individual players are playing at the moment. The scoreboard on isn't even live yet, all a bit disappointing, this was done way better at the British Open.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

After Work Golf @ GCC Seddiner See

Yesterday we played a round of After Work Golf, this time at the Golf & Country Club Seddiner See.

Fortunately the weather stayed dry and the thunderstorm warning was false. We played the North Course designed by Rainer Preißmann.

I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of the practice areas and the course itself. The North Course is the easier one of the two but still had its challenges and interesting layouts. We only played the front nine, but I am already looking forward to playing the whole course on the next occasion.

The clubhouse in my opinion had a little too much new-rich luxurious style, but the staff at the club office and restaurant were very friendly and helpful. Although it takes me a one hour journey to get there (the course is located in the south of Berlin next to the exit Beelitz/Michendorf of the A10), I'll play there again.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Major Tom Ten

Congratulations Tiger!

Friday, July 15, 2005

Tino Schuster surprises at The Open

German qualifier Tino Schuster certainly was the surprise of the day today at the The Open in St.Andrews. After shooting an eagle at the 9th hole he went eigt under for the tournament and moved up to second place behind Tiger Woods. Sadly, his charge didn't last long after shooting four bogeys from the 11th to 14th hole and even a double-bogey on the 17th Road hole.

Tino made the cut anyway at two under and I hope he can mentally deal with his back nine today and head off to a fresh start tomorrow morning. We'll watch out for the new german hope. Joining Tino on the weekend will be Bernhard Langer as tied 15th, Alex Cejka will be heading back to the US after finishing two over.

British Open

Almost forgot: all the action at the open can be seen on the official OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP WEBSITE.

The leaderboard can be found here, you can also vote for the shot of the day here. BBC also has an extensive coverage with lots of pics and quotes from the pro's. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Ugly Trophies

Can anybody explain me why most golf trophies are so unbelievably ugly?

This is Sean O'Hair with his trophy at the John Deere Classics last week. This may be one of the better ones, but shouldn't one expect something better with such an aesthetic sport as golf?

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

John Daly

Just read this entertaining article about John Daly. I especially liked the following description:
"Watching Daly tee off is one of golf's most thrilling experiences - he attacks the ball as if it had just stole his lady, burned his house down and shot his dog."

Monday, July 11, 2005

Panorama Practice Ground

I wrote about Global Golf Berlin back when it was still in construction stage.

Today I had the chance of dropping by and playing my first shots there. The range can be played from the front and the backside. The frontside is for members, the backside can be played by anybody. So we went to the backside and had the much better panoramic view, hitting the balls directly towards the skyline of Potsdamer Platz.

We bought 10 tokens for 400 golfballs, priced at EUR 35,00. This is almost double the price you pay for the same amount of balls at Golfzentrum Berlin Mitte. Ok, you look towards Potsdamer Platz instead of an old chimney, but you still hit balls from a mat. But hey, 'chacun son gout' as the french say. One positive thing though, the way they stack the balls in the members area was kinda cute:

Training Days

We just returned from one week of training camp at Golfclub Fleesensee. After making our playing permit there almost exactly two years ago we thought it would be good to brush up on our game. So we booked ourselves an "Aufbaukurs", our pro was Matthias Rollwa.

Each day started with a two hour training unit with the pro. We were a group of four people, so there was enough time for individual treatment of each player. Our individual program was as follows:
- day one: evaluation of the playing abilities by playing a couple of holes on the course, based on that determination of the individual training goals for the week
- day two and three: training with video analysis using the SCOPE System
- day four: the ever underestimated putting training, chipping
- day five: bunker and hillside situations

Each training session was followed by our individual training and a round of 18-holes in the afternoon. In average we spent 7-8 hours a day on the green. We didn't call it boot camp for nothing. But in my opinion and in the effects I feel this intense training is the best to give your play a more solid basis. As for my game, I didn't produce any new "errors" in the past year, I have still the same three points to work on. Still there is a lot of training to do, but it is only half season, so there is still time to improve.

All in all we felt very comfortable in Fleesensee (again) an enjoyed the resort and the training with Matthias. He didn't try to make things complicated but always had the right analogy to make us remember doing the right things. Something to reproduce on your own on the range and on the course. Let's see how this improves the handicap during this season. As a good start, I was playing my handicap again on my last couple of rounds - which I certainly didn't the two months before.

Golf Terms

As I am not a native english speaker, I sometimes have to look up words, especially technical terms. I just found two good resources for golf terms at and Maybe it's useful also to you.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

No ticket to St. Andrews for Michelle Wie

As promised, we kept our eyes open for Michelle Wie's qualifying attempt for the Open at the John Deere Classics.

She surely impressed her male colleagues but unfortunately didn't make the cut. A double bogey at the 16th followed by a bogey on the 17th of her second rounds ended her dream of making it a) to the final two rounds of the tournament and b) qualifying for the Open.

But I am sure she's going to keep her head up. Her potential is undisputed and we'll see her making her way in golf.