Golfers Delight: Pit Green League

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pit Green League

Back in August we introduced the Pit Green to you. It seems that in the last months it has attracted a bigger fan crowd as there will be a Pit Green League for 2006. Basically, you play tournaments with the little man, and as in the big game, there are certain rules after which you play.

Kickoff for the 'world championship series' will be on March 18th in Frankfurt, a tour of various german cities shall follow. Dates aren't available as of yet, but you can get registered here for updates and schedules.

In the tournament, to make your Pit stand out in the crowd, you can design its own individual outfit. Just download the template from the Pit Green website and make your Pit the Ian Poulter of Micro Golf. Maybe J. Lindeberg will have something in store for you next season.


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