Golfers Delight: Michael Campbell on the game of golf

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Michael Campbell on the game of golf

Q. Some guys make a bogey on 18 or double bogey, they're miserable; they stomp off. You seem to have handled it pretty well.

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: It's only a game. Big deal.

Q. When did you finally learn that, though?


Q. When you won the Open?

MICHAEL CAMPBELL: Well, to be honest, a very good friend of mine, Heather Clarke, Darren's wife, was on her death bed, and I'm thinking, "What's the big deal, it's only a golf tournament here." Put life in perspective or put golf in perspective very quickly. Ever since that day, hit a bad shot, so what, who cares. I mean, that's one thing that you learn a lot about this game is it's only a game, and the less importance you put on it, I think the better you perform. If you go out there and try to perform, you just, I think, put too much pressure on yourself and you create this overwhelming pressure on performing well. But it's just a game.
Pretty much down to earth, Michael! (via The Head Nut)


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