Golfers Delight: Capitol Yard Golf Lounge

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Capitol Yard Golf Lounge

The winter has Berlin firmly in his hands, so it isn't really the best of times to go out golfing. And the last time I had my clubs in hand is almost six weeks past. Time to go out and find something to ease the need to hit on small white things that are not snowflakes.

Coincidentally, Plock! magazine current issue features an article on indoor golf facilities. So I came across the Capital Yard Golf Lounge, which is situated just 300 meters down the street from the office. They just opened a couple of weeks ago at the beginning of december in a converted warehouse directly facing the Spree river. Featuring four bays with golf simulators, plus a lounge, fireplace, bar and even WLAN, it leaves almost no wishes open.

The Deadsolidgolf simulators offer different courses to choose from as well as a driving range mode. It takes some getting used to if you've never played on a simulator before - like me. Basically, you hit the ball off the mat into the projection screen, the ball flight path and length is then being calculated and projected on the screen. But be aware: the sensors in the floor mat reveal everything from club speed, club alignment to swing progression through impact.

"Facetrac" shows you the club alignment on impact, screen courtesy of Deadsolidgolf

"Flitetrac" shows you flight track and distance, screen courtesy of Deadsolidgolf

And yes, there we're moments when I thought: "Oh, this is what my pro keeps telling me all the time". In that means the simulator is a good addition to your normal practice routines.

You can putt also, using a second ballmark on the mat, the ball then runs over a sensor measuring speed and direction and then shows the result on the screen. The problem is that you cannot read the greens properly and judge distance and speed. So the result is pretty much left to chance. Putts under 3m are calculated by the program and scores are added automatically.

After some practice shots we played nine holes, where I was just about able to play my handicap. But the round was more about the fun than about the results.

The "greenfee" is €30 per hour, two persons can easily play nine holes in that time. As a foursome, you'd rather take two hours. In case you never had a golf club in your hand, Oliver Banse-Cabus (headpro of Golfanlagen Groß-Kienitz) is also headpro at the Lounge and will pave you the way towards your playing permit. Single and group lessons are also available (details here).


At 8:55 PM, Blogger Alexander Kluge said...

Sounds very good. Have to prepare for my first golf tournament in January :-) There is not much time left, so thanks for the hint. Unusual questions: What about children at this place? Some kind of entertainment for the little one while practising on the virtual range?

At 9:21 PM, Blogger sirstick said...

Well, there is not exactly a childrens corner or something similar there. But they have a TV there, if they don't mind watching golf videos ;-).

At 8:02 AM, Anonymous Serge said...

To me it sure seems like simulators like these would be a great way to spend quality time with my family.


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