Golfers Delight: The early bird catches the worm

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The early bird catches the worm

That's what we thought when we teed off at the GC Pankow this morning.
The dew was still on the meadows and we were the first ones on the course. I was joined by fellow golf blogger Lutz from Hubert-Cup - quasi a golf blind date as we had never met before in person.

This is him on the 15th green:

We played the 18 holes for the first time, and in this condition the course was a ball eater. Except for the greens, the grass was still very high, what you would consider semi-rough on a normal course was the fairway on this one. We started playing with coloured balls but eventually would lose them as well - on the fairway!!!
Funny sidenote: the golden ball played by Sepp Maier on the opening day still hasn't been found, as General Manager Gabriele Wagmüller told us - the greenkeepers are still looking for it. Sepp pulled his drive a little to the left and landed in the rough.

My ball balance was on the positive side: I lost four but found six others. Apart from that my round wasn't too good. Still the old problem off the tee and I made some poor fairway shots. My putting was good though, I noted my putts separately on my scorecard and I only three-putted once but single-putted four times, the rest being two-putts. And I won the ladies competition 3:1! ;-)

On nasty detail about the course were the water hazards behind the elevated greens. You weren't able to see them, your ball went over the green and there you found yourself in the pool.

Anyway, it was good fun and I got myself an invitation to play in the next Hubert-Cup. So Lutz, let's bring it on!


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At 8:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very well done! Was spricht dagegen, dass wir diese gelungene Aktion nächsten Samstag wiederholen (ich dabei aber dann auf den Löchern 7, 8 und 9 diemal keinen Schrott spiele)? Würde sehr wahrscheinlich den amtierenden Hubert-Cup-Inhaber mitbringen, was Dir die Gelegenheit zu einer Forderung böte....

Grüße! Lutz


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