Golfers Delight: Dimensions and Distances

Monday, September 05, 2005

Dimensions and Distances

A friend of mine just started to play golf. He bought his first clubs a couple of weeks ago, took some lessons and is a frequently seen guest on the driving range. But grey is all theory, so we took him out to his first round on the golf course. Off we drove to Fleesensee to play the Coca-Cola Course, a short course that you can play without a players permit.

This was the course we always practised on three years ago, when we stayed in Fleesensee to make our "Platzreife". Back then all the holes seemed so long, we couldn't even think of how a par five would feel like. Now, I stood there and was thinking about a) driving the greens of the par fours and b) buying a lob wedge. Funny, how dimensions and distances shrink.
And it felt good to play almost all holes in par ;-).


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