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Monday, July 11, 2005

Training Days

We just returned from one week of training camp at Golfclub Fleesensee. After making our playing permit there almost exactly two years ago we thought it would be good to brush up on our game. So we booked ourselves an "Aufbaukurs", our pro was Matthias Rollwa.

Each day started with a two hour training unit with the pro. We were a group of four people, so there was enough time for individual treatment of each player. Our individual program was as follows:
- day one: evaluation of the playing abilities by playing a couple of holes on the course, based on that determination of the individual training goals for the week
- day two and three: training with video analysis using the SCOPE System
- day four: the ever underestimated putting training, chipping
- day five: bunker and hillside situations

Each training session was followed by our individual training and a round of 18-holes in the afternoon. In average we spent 7-8 hours a day on the green. We didn't call it boot camp for nothing. But in my opinion and in the effects I feel this intense training is the best to give your play a more solid basis. As for my game, I didn't produce any new "errors" in the past year, I have still the same three points to work on. Still there is a lot of training to do, but it is only half season, so there is still time to improve.

All in all we felt very comfortable in Fleesensee (again) an enjoyed the resort and the training with Matthias. He didn't try to make things complicated but always had the right analogy to make us remember doing the right things. Something to reproduce on your own on the range and on the course. Let's see how this improves the handicap during this season. As a good start, I was playing my handicap again on my last couple of rounds - which I certainly didn't the two months before.


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