Golfers Delight: Golf Resort Berlin Pankow

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Golf Resort Berlin Pankow

Berlin will get a new Golf Club with the Golf Resort Berlin Pankow. The club will officially start in 2006, but playing the course will be possible as of September this year.

We visited the construction site today, the course is located in th north of Berlin between Mahlow and Blankenburg on Blankenburger Pflasterweg 40, just a 15 minute drive from Berlin Alexanderplatz.

(view of the clubhouse from the fairway of the 9th hole)

Patronage of the course has german soccer legend Sepp Maier. The Resort will feature a 18 hole course (Par 72, 5.988 meters) and a 9 hole short course (1.744 meters).

The unofficial opening will be on September 18th, the range will be opened earlier on August 17th, as of this date the pro Rudi Hilscher will stand available for lessons.

From the first reports in the press, the club will be more 'easy-going' than regular clubs, dogs are allowed and the course and one will be able to play casually in jeans.


At 10:15 PM, Blogger CaRrOt said...

and you still need to have a "permit"to get on the green in god ol'germany.

so i'll keep playing in the us, where it's cheaper and "normal" people are well liked people...

At 10:20 PM, Blogger sirstick said...

Good, if you have the choice! I'd rahter also play in the US, but didn't have the chance yet.


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