Golfers Delight: Golfrausch

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Golfrausch is the name of a new golf program on DSF.

Host Christina Schulte is a former soap starlet and unfortunately this reflects also on the show. The program provides "news, tips and trends for the hobby golfer and the ambitious amateur", according to the description delivered by DSF. It's purpose is to "get rid of old-fashioned clichés and is aimed at the growing young target group - because golf is 'in'".

What I saw was a shallow show with Christina Schulte making her first steps in golf. But first she interviews the owner of this new hip restaurant in Munich, then makes some poor swings on the driving range, and after playing a couple of holes with the restaurant guy and a playing pro she takes the playing pro onto her shopping trip and sips a latte macchiato in a munich café.

Dear DSF executives, it doesn't work to replace 'old-fashioned clichés' with some youth clichés and decorate it with cute little blondie that knows sh** about the game. Get real, if you want to interest young people in golf, show them the first steps to the game, but with a serious approach. Send the girl back to where she came from and try something more intelligent. You owe it to the game.


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