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Friday, May 06, 2005

Statistics of the average golfer

Just read this interesting article about the statistical analysis of the average golfer.

An often encountered discussion is about the question, what improves your game most: long game or short game. Certainly improvement in both do, but to what extent? In an analysis made by Alastair Cochran the score of amateur golfers was examined in terms of the statistical correlation of different parameters and the score played.

The most important factor was the ability to hit the greens in regulations, in my opinion the result of a good long an short game. Second most important factor is the ability to hit the ball far.

The development of my game reflects this also: the first thing that stabilized in my first season last year was the ability to hit the green from a below 80m radius. What helped my game even more was the addition of the 5 and 7 wood to my golfbag. This added the necessary length from the fairway to produce a good second shot to get you onto the green or into the 'hot zone' for a good third or fourth shot onto the green.


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