Golfers Delight: Prices compared: Tchibo vs. Capital

Friday, May 06, 2005

Prices compared: Tchibo vs. Capital

Reading the current issue of Capital, I also read about the cooperation they have with the Golf & Country Club Fleesensee. They offer different packages like a one-week beginners course or an advanced course. Reading the descriptions of the packages, they sounded somewhat familiar.
A quick cross-check showed: Capital is offering exactly the same packages as Tchibo, but with a different price tag.

The beginners package is starting at EUR 799,00 at Tchibo, the Capital price tag is starting at EUR 1.049,00 - a EUR 250,00 difference. Same thing with the advanced course. The only thing priced the same at EUR 499,00 ist the one year membership at the Golf & Country Club Fleesensee.

So, if you are a label shopper, go with the Capital offer. But, as a Capital reader I know where to put my money and save it, I'd go with the Tchibo offer.


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