Golfers Delight: Pocket Pro

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Pocket Pro

Besides playing golf, together with my pro we designed a little aid to visualize your golf swing called the Pocket Pro. It is designed like a small flipbook, so you can carry it around in your golfbag and use it - unlike other teaching material - on the golf course. You can also use it with your pro in your golf lessons, he can write down comments in the flipbook and you can remember what to practice.

The Pocket Pro looks like this (please reload this page in case the animation doesn't play):

Besides being an aide for the golfer, it also can be used as a promotional give-away for your business. For example, we produced the first series for the car rental company AVIS who used it for their sponsorship of the PGA of Germany.

The sleeve design of the Pocket Pro can be altered according to your wishes and your companies design. Feel free to contact me to discuss the usage possibilities of the Pocket Pro for your business.


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