Golfers Delight: Patience

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Patience is one of the biggest things in golf. Especially when you start playing your first tournaments and teeing off at the first hole makes your pulse rise to 200 and above. I played my first tournament in October 2003 and I sucked. Too nervous, no tactics in my game.

Don't put pressure on yourself during your first tournaments, take it easy, observe your game and observe your flight partners. See how they approach the game and how they deal with difficulties. That sure helped me a lot. I played seven tournaments so far, the first time I played my handicap was in my fifth tournament in October 2004, one year after my first tournament. What happened since then? See for yourself:

I dropped to HCP 47 at my last tournament in 2004 and to 34,0 in my first tournament this year. Sure, I made progress in my technical game, but what helped me more than that was that I learned to deal with difficult situations on the course without losing my nerves. The ability to recover and to pace myself was also an important lesson. So now I enter phase 2 of my golfers life, according to this entertaining article at

Let's see how this year progresses. I'll keep you posted.


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